Mission Statement & Philosophy

Welcome to KINGDOM LEARNING ACADEMY!  It is a pleasure to serve you and your children and to be a part of their early learning.  Our Academy strives for excellence in preparing our children for Kindergarten and for enjoying successful lives!  The staff is well trained in early childhood education; as well, they are loving and devoted to meeting the needs of every child.  Our curriculum is diverse and is both creative and challenging, as our staff offers support and guidance to the children in our age-appropriate classrooms.  Our State license allows 58 children in our environment

Mission Statement

Kingdom Learning Academy endeavors to be successful in providing a quality learning environment with programs that are structured to train and educate our students academically, socially, physically and spiritually, especially designed for toddler and preschool children ~~ giving them the right tools for success!


An educational philosopher once stated that the experience of learning should both encourage children’s strengths and equip them to overcome inadequacies, especially in language arts, mathematics and general knowledge; teaching them to meet life’s challenges and foster confidence and preparedness to enable them to accomplish their life’s goals.  We will strive to continuously stimulate the learning process, and as educators, we acknowledge that this process begins at birth and should be nurtured and facilitated throughout our children’s lives.  This process is especially significant during the first eight years of the child’s life (the formative years).

With this school of thought in mind, we firmly believe that all children learn differently and it is our responsibility to identify how they learn best, coupled with parental input and support.  Our program is designed to address the individual needs of each child, and to foster intellectual, emotional, social and physical development in a safe, nurturing quality environment.

We believe parents and families are an integral part of the child’s success, and are committed to seeking your involvement with our program.

Kingdom Learning Academy’s educational philosophy is based upon the following guiding principles:

  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Cognitive Learning Styles
  • Individual Readiness
  • Structured Quality Curriculum
  • Family Involvement

Program Overview

Our Academy houses children ages 1 to 12 years old.  We accept children that are physically handicapped whose needs can be met in our setting.  Every child will be assessed on an individual basis.  No child will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color or ethnic background.

Our Toddler Room is licensed for 10 children ages 12 months to 36 months.  Toddlers are provided with programs that allow them the flexibility to experience social relationships with their peers.  The classroom is designed to support the needs of our growing Toddlers to physically explore, to discover and to be independent in their world!

Our Preschool Program includes children 2.5 years to 6 years of age.  Each early childhood education teacher designs their lesson plans to fit the needs of the children in their classroom, while providing an educational and emotionally stable, safe environment.  Lesson plans incorporate all areas of development.  Classroom space and materials are organized to facilitate the children’s interests and inspire learning.  The Centers are set up to encourage children to make choices, engage in hands on exploration, develop the ability to plan cooperative and participate in problem solving with the teachers’ guidance.

Our School Aged Program (Before and After School) is designed for children who attend public, charter or other private schools and have completed Kindergarten, up through age twelve years.  This program is specifically created to allow children to participate in fun and enriching social and academic activities.  They enjoy a Summer Fun Camp during summer breaks and other breaks during the school year.  This includes

Educational fields trips and activities, with parental permission.